DeSoto Economic Development Corporation

DeSoto Economic Development Corporation


Our Mission
To plan, promote, finance, and create opportunities for
the retention, growth, and attraction of enterprises that enhance the tax base, quality of life, and level of employment for the citizens of DeSoto, TX.

DIAB Inc. would like to thank the DEDC for their participation in the growth of DIAB during the last few years. DIAB is proud to be part of a community where business and government can work as partners

– Larry Elliott, Former General Manager DIAB Inc.

The vision is becoming a reality thanks to a funding partnership between the City of DeSoto, DeSoto Economic Development Corporation, the Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division Garland-based operator SKY Helicopters. They are partnering to construct a vertical flight facility in DeSoto. The project will include 35,000 sq. ft. of terminal/hangar space, a heliport apron, taxiway, and helipad.

Corporate Brands
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DeSoto Economic Development Corporation

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DeSoto, Texas 75115
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