2015 Ad Valorem Tax Rates (Per $100 Assessed Value)

Property in DeSoto Independent School District

City of DeSoto 0.7399
DeSoto ISD 1.4900
Dallas County 0.2431
Dallas Comm. College 0.1242
School Equalization 0.0100
Parkland 0.2794
Total 2.8866

Property in Dallas Independent School District

City of DeSoto 0.7499
Dallas ISD 1.2821
Dallas County 0.2531
Dallas Comm. College 0.1247
Parkland 0.276
Total 2.6858
The City of DeSoto includes property in three school districts. Only a limited area is in the Duncanville Independent School District.

The State of Texas does not assess an ad valorem property tax at this time.

Sales Tax Rates

State Sales Tax 6.250%
City of DeSoto 1.000%
Parks 0.125%
Property Tax Relief 0.500%
Economic Development 0.375%
Total 8.250%
Source: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

The State of Texas levies a sales tax of 6.25% on the sale of tangible personal property and taxable services. Certain specific exemptions apply.

In 1994, the City of DeSoto voted to levy an additional 1.00% sales tax to be allocated for property tax relief, new park projects and economic development.

Corporate Franchise Tax

A corporate franchise tax is levied in Texas in place of a corporate income tax. The tax is levied on businesses organized in the corporate firm in Texas. Corporations are taxed at the rate of the greater of $2.50 per $1,000 of net taxable capital or 4.5% of net taxable earned surplus.

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax

In the State of Texas, the hotel/motel occupancy tax is 6% with individual cities having the option to add up to 7% tax. The total hotel/motel tax in the City of DeSoto is 13%.